About Me

Mrs. Delaney started her career at the US Naval Academy, where she was the goalie for the women's lacrosse team.  After graduating, she was commissioned as Surface Warfare Officer in the Navy.  She was stationed in Pearl Harbor on the USS Fletcher (a destroyer) as the Fire Control Officer.  Later, she was the Training Officer on the  USS Princeton (a cruiser out of San Diego).  After the Navy, She studied Neuroscience at NYU, where she researched how the human brain processes information from our eyes.  She then became a New York City Teaching Fellow and earned her Masters Degree in education. She worked at The Bronx Academy of Letters, an  Urban Assembly high school in the South Bronx.  She taught Geometry and Algebra and served as a student advisor before coming to Mamaroneck High School in 2007 to bring great tidings of quadrilaterals and parabolas.

She currently lives with her husband, Matt, and three children, Molly (4), Charlotte (2) and Kieran (<1).  Besides being cute, they are budding math superstars.  Molly loves to count, Charlotte already knows the difference between squares and circles, and Kieran thinks both are delicious.

My daughter Molly