Algebra2/Trig Announcements

Awesome things we are greatful for.

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  • Having another day to do your homework.
  • Getting a good grade on a test you thought you failed.
  •  The perfect high five.
  • The latest of your favorite show finally getting to Hulu/DVR etc
  •  Getting two things out of a vending machine.
  • When you catch your phone mid-air
  • little kids playing with shaving cream
  • when your favorite song comes on the radio
  • when the mail package you were waiting for finally comes
  • holiday scented candles
  • finally taking off uncomfortable clothes (heels/skiboots/ice skates/compression shorts)
  • newly sharpened pencil on new paper
  • finishing a really long book
  • getting the winner gumball at a pizzeria
  • feeling of stepping into a shower/bath when you are really tired
  • when you think it's monday, but it's really later in the week
  • when you fall asleep on a plane and it's over
  • giving or receiving a "just because" present
  • singing loudly in the shower
  • the empty asile at a grocery store
  • when you meet a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend
  • the first sip when you crack a can of soda

5 Geometric Series Examples

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1) Do Now: Check the answers to your hw
3) Use the Geometric Series Notes to copy down notes on the video. (Re-watch if needed!)
4) Finish Geometric Series Notes, in class
5) HW: "What do you call spooky Sausages?" (Due Friday)
Reminders: Review for Test Friday 11/22, Test on Monday 11/25

8 Review for Exam

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7 Applications of Logs Videos

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From: "Solving Log Equations HW" 
#15 (last prob on hw)

From: "Applications Using Logs to Solve Real-world Exponential Equations"

Topics for Log Quiz

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  • Exponential Regression
  • Intro to Logs
  • Re-writing between exponential and log form
  • Solving for missing element by re-writing in exponential form
  • log properties
  • Solving equations using logs

Answer Key for Exponents Review

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Answer key to Direct Variation HW

posted Sep 24, 2013, 12:37 PM by Taryn Delaney

HW: Download p256

posted Sep 18, 2013, 8:13 AM by Taryn Delaney

You can download pg 256 here.  Please Complete #'s (1,2-6,8,9,17,19.22.23)

Period 7 Only...

posted Sep 17, 2013, 12:40 PM by Taryn Delaney

Period 7 Only:

Hi 7th period,

You aren't ready to do all of your homework (we had a lot of good questions in class today!

Revised HW:

1) Watch this quick video (stop at time 2:21) for a preview of what you missed today. This will give you a heads up of what's coming tomorrow

2) Only do #27-32 on your handout, and finish the notes on operations only. (The f+g stuff.) You can download the shrunk down version here:

If you have a friend that doesn't check school email or echalk, you may want to let them know and save them some work! See you tomorrow,

Mrs. Delaney

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