1)I was legally absent, what do I do?
  • pick up missed handouts by:
    • checking the box on your shelf in the front of the room  (-or-)
    • download class notes from strawberrypi.com, and homework assignments from jupitergrades.com  (-or-)
    • xerox it from a classmate
  • learn the material by:
    • copy notes from classmate (-or-)
    • look at the presentation slides on www.strawberrypi.com  (-or-)
    • extra help after school Mon, Tues, Thurs at 2:45
  • make up missed homework
    • Label with (a) name, (b) page # & problem #'s, (c) the day you were absent
    • turn it in to the "inbox" on Mrs. Delaney's desk within 24 hours.
  • make up missed test/quiz
    • After school the day you return.  (If you have an away game/doctor's appointment, you can take it in class).
    • Absent 3+ days?  You can schedule a makeup within 1 week by talking to me.
2)I need extra help, when are you available?
Extra help is available Monday, Tuesday, Thursday at 2:45, except when I have to attend a meeting.  I am happy to write you a pass to practice/rehearsal/your home game.  Regular attendance at extra help also gets you class work participation credit.

3)Can I get extra help during the day?
You can drop in to the Tiger Learning Lounge during lunch and after school for help in any of your subjects. 

4)None of those times work for me.
You need to speak with me.  We can discuss options for more regular (free) tutoring through the Tiger Learning Lounge that works with your schedule.  You also might want to think about your extra curricular activities, and decide if you need to shift around some of your priorities.

5) Will you write my college recommendation?
You need to stop by and speak with me.  First, read my page for letters of recommendation

6)Why do I need to know this?/When will I ever need this math?
Try this article