Chapter 2 Practice Test

1.      Which of the following is a defined term?

(1) point

(2) line segment

(3) line

(4) plane


2.      bisects .  If the measure of  can be represented by 3a + 10 and the measure of can be represented by 5a – 6, what is the measure of angle ?




3.      Which of the following are the lengths of the sides of a scalene triangle

(1) 6,6,6

(2) 6,6,4

(3) 2,3,5

(4) 2,3,75



4.      Which of the following is not a polygon?

(1) circle

(2) triangle

(3) quadrilateral

(4) pentagon



5.      If the angles of a triangle measure 2x, 2x, and x + 30, then the triangle is

(1) right and isosceles

(2) obtuse

(3) equiangular

(4) right and scalene



For each of the following, fill in the blank space with the word always, sometimes, or never.

6.      An equilateral triangle is __________________ a right triangle.

7.      If two straight lines intersect, the vertical angles formed are __________________ supplementary.

8.      If two angles are complementary, they are __________________ congruent.

9.      If three angles of a triangle are congruent, the triangle is __________________ equilateral.




Using the terms below, write the term is being defined in the space provided:



length of a line segment




10.  The absolute value of the difference of the coordinates of two points

11.  A line or subset of a line that joins a segment at its midpoint.

12.  Angles that have the same measure                                       




13.  Can an isosceles triangle be a right triangle?  Explain.



14.   and  form a linear pair.  Are  and always supplementary?  Explain using the definitions.