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For Parents

Every parent (including me!) wants to support their children and help them to be successful.  Here is a list of some of the resources available for math support:

1) Extra help Extra help sessions are after school at 2:30 in my room (B320).  Extra help is every day, except cycle days 5 and E and during scheduled faculty meetings.  This is the first, best option for student support.
2) Free Volunteer Tutoring through the Tiger Learning Lounge.  In my opinion, this is one of the most wonderful services that MHS provides.  Any student can sign up any day at lunch, and be assigned a volunteer tutor (some are adult volunteers from the community, and some are upperclassmen who excel at math) to meet at a mutually convenient time.  After the initial signup, meetings are usually held weekly during lunch or a free period.  (tigerlounge@mamkschools.org)
3) Small Group Tutorial (SGT) when appropriate, a guidance counselor can schedule your son or daughter a 1x per week class period with a teacher to work on academically weak areas.  Whenever possible, we try to match the student with a teacher in the area they are struggling.
4) Low-Cost Tutoring through YES.  The Youth Employment Services offers student tutoring at reasonable rates.  
5) E-Chalk  Not sure if your son/daughter is doing their homework?  You can login to view their homework assignment schedule using the "integrated log in" link at the top if the district webpage.  You can ask them to show you the assignments listed.
With all of that said, please feel free to check in with me at any time.  Your best bet is to email me at tdelaney@mamkschools.org.  If you need me immediately, call the math office at 914-220-3155 and I will return your call.